Ondelay timers
Interval timers
equal cyclic timers
star delta timers
signal on timer
signal off timer
Dual timer on delay/internal
Adjustable cyclic timer
Forward pause reverse timer
watch dog timer
T45 on delay timer
T45 star delta timer
T 45gc Generator Start Timers
T45 GS generator Stop timer
T45 OI on delay with instant contact timer
T45 NI ondelay with instant contact timer
T45 ST sequential timer
T45 VR single phase under and over voltage timer
DT MS ondelay timer
DTHM ondelay timer
DT MS interval timer
DTHM interval timer
DTMS equal on off cyclic timer
T72 MF mutifunction timer
T72 ON ondelay timer
T72 IN interval timer
T72 CA adjustable cylic timer
T72 OI on delay timer with instant contact
PT6 programmable timer
MS10 Multichannel programmable sequential timer
MCT10 Multi channel programmable combination timer
Digital Time Switch
T45 Ts digital daily time switch
T45 WT Digital weekly time switch
T72 TS-Digital daily time switch
T72 WT digital weekly time switch
T72 SB Time for school bell factory siren
CTX5 preset counter
CTX5LC length counter
CTSX5SSI surface speed indicator
CTSX6 Batch totalizer
CTSX8 dual set point counter
TOT6 count totalizer
TOT8 count totalizer

TAC 5D RPM indicator
TAC4D RPM Indicator
SPT5 RPM indicator with cutoff
RPM indicator with analog O/P
TOT6T Time totalizer
TIP5 Temperature INdicator
DPM 4D DPM5D digital panel meter
PI54 process indicator

Switchmode power supply

IEPL make timers

T22 on : ondelay timer
T22-IN : Interval Timer
T22-CE: Equal Cyclic Timer
T22-SD: Star Delta Timer
T22-sN: Signal On timer
T22-SO: Signal off timer
Time range
0.3 sec to 30Hours
1sec to 60sec

operating voltage:
Out put contact:
2c/o relay dpdt for ondelay, interval,cyclic timer
2×1 c/o relay SPDT for star delta
1c/o relay spdt for signal timers

Resetting time

Mounting: Dinrail


Insulation resistance: .100M ohms@500vdc

Operating Temp: -5 degree C to + 55 degree C ( No.Icing)

ETDC Tested
CPRI Tested

IEPL make T45 series Timers


T45-DU : Dual timer on delay/interval
0.3sec to 60mins
12vac/24vac 110vac/240vac/12vdc/24vdc

output contact: 2x1c/o relay spdt
dimension: 45x75x97mm
T45-CA Adjustable Cyclic timer
0.3sec-60mins or 0.3 min. to 60hours
2c/o relay DPDT
T45 FR Forward pause Reverse timer
0.3sec-60mins FWD and REV time
0.3sec-60sec pause time
T45-WN : Watch Dog timer
0.3 sec to 60mins
2c/o relay DPDT
T45 on : Ondelay timer
0.3 sec to 60mins
440V Ac
2c/o relay dpdt
T45 SD : Star Delta timer
1 sec to 60sec
star to delta transfer time: 40/100 m.sec
2x1c/o spdt relay

size: 45x75x97mm
din rail mounted
resetting time: 100msec minimum

operating temp: -5 degree C to + 55 degree C no.icing

IEPL make T45 series Timers

T45 GC : Generator Start Timer
               0.6-160sec on delay
               0.1-15sec /on time
               0.1 -60sec Pause time
               9vdc to 30vdc
               2x1c/o relay spdt
T45 GS  : Generator Stop timer

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